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Zechariah 9, a cocktail of stories.

On this 14th Sunday in ordinary time, we do not read but verses 9 and 10 of Zechariah 9. But there is much more in the chapter: severe judgements by God, promises for “prisoners of hope”, difficult Hebrew expresions to translate everywhere (copysts and editors along centuries must have contributed with their failures and well intentioned purposes to add complexity) and finally, thank goodness, a happy end.  My translation from the Hebrew text (Stuttgartensia edition) is devoted to this very last verse of chapter 9 of Zechariah, plenty of eucharistic remembrances for a Christian reader:

How good and nice it is! The selected grain and a new wine make flourish the young women.

Who are these young women? If you eat the best bread and wine in the world , you also, dear reader, may be one of this “young women”, no matter if you are a gentleman and/or more than x years old.