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A large, holy family

That is the family whose description we can find in Galatians 4:4-7. Let me offer you, as a New Year’s gift, the text directly from the Syriac version, with the whole freshness that the reading of a Semitic language can show:

At the arriving of the plenitude of the time, God sent his Son.

He became to be by means of a woman and he was subject to the Law.

He was the one who bought those ones who were under the Law.

He offered them the right to become sons.

As you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son to your hearts.

This Spirit invokes the Father with the invocation “OUR Father”.

So, you are not employees but sons.

If sons, then heirs of God by means of Jesus the Messiah.

The original version may be found in


I would call your attention to the fact that the Syriac version – unlike the versions in other languages- does not need an explanation for the term “abba” because this is just a Syriac (or Aramaic) word with the clear meaning of “father”. The unanimous respect that every written witness of this text shows towards the Semitic expression “abba” may be an indication that we are very next to the same speech of the apostle. The focus of all those other versions is then the reverence to Paul’s preaching. So, the focus of the Syriac version is centered in the preaching itself , i.e., we all are a very large family with a rich, loving Father.

Please, enjoy 2017!