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Combat of biblical experts.

In the gospel of this 1st Sunday in Lent could we look at a sort of combat between two biblical experts? Jesus mentions 3 texts (from Torah)-his challenger 1 (from psalm 91). And this only point is not clear because the suggested exegese is null.

And, however, the psalm 91 is nice indeed:

The one who lives in Elyon’s refuge, takes advantage of Shaddai’s shadow.

The masoretic Hebrew text keeps with love these two alternative names of YHWH, corresponding to respective traditions that outcrop here and there all along the Scripture. Beautiful words are those ones of the Bible but that some ones manipulate to persuade us in order to become members of sects. They ask for strange behaviours: “Throw yourself down”.

Watch out! The Bible in hands of self designated close students of the Word, supposed “experts”, may harm.