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St. Valentine: let us speak about love

I remember an old song by Raphael. If you want to refresh your Spanish:

But there are different ways of loving. For example, the first reading for this 6th Sunday in ordinary time (cycle A) makes reference to a rather special love: The love towards the Torah, the five first books of the Bible. I will translate the old Hebrew version of Ecclesiasticus 15:15, somehow freely but faithful to the inner meaning:

If you really feel the desire,

you will be a jealous keeper 

of the Law and of its meaning

in order to be acquainted 

about His intention. If you trust Him…

¡He is coming and you will live!

And who can be a so a fervent follower of the Law? To find a suggestion for the quiz, please, read the first verse of this Sunday’s gospel, Mt 5:17.

If you want know more about the Hebrew version book of Ecclesiasticus, my recommendation is http://www.bensira.org/