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Beatitudes in freshness

Throughout centuries and centuries, strong messages have become forgotten and, if too strong, at the end they arrived but only decaffeinated: Too many walls and the sound becomes weaker and weaker. Work by translators is not innocent. Sticked to original ancient texts –Curetonian gospels, for example, like in -we can however unearth old messages that do renew if we find the right words.

Let us break the walls and recover meanings:

A blessing that the poor ones have in their spirits is that they become landlords of the heavens’ kingdom.

A blessing of the sad ones is that they get comfort.

A blessing of the humble ones is that they inherit the land.

A blessing that the hungry and thirsty ones of justice (root Sdq , look at “Category Archives: Sdq” and, for example, the entry have is that they are satisfied.

A blessing of the compassionate ones is that there is compassion for them (“compassion”more or less equivalent to “mercy”, look at the corresponding entries of this category).

A blessing of those ones who have their hearts purified is that they see God.

A blessing of the servants of the peace is that they are called “sons of God”.

A blessing of the persecuted ones because they follow the justice (again, root Sdq) is that they are masters of the kingdom of heavens.

Your blessing is when the people are persecuting, criticizing and defaming  you in every way, due to my NAME ( this Semitic expression may mean YHWH, a respectful way of designating God; see

Rejoice and  be happy on that day! Then, your reward increases in the heaven. In the same way your ancestors were persecuting those prophets who were before you.

That was Matthew 5:3-12. Without cosmetics!